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Key Fob & Programming

Keyless entry remote devices that allow you to start your engine without using an actual key

Seattle Key Fob Key Replacement and Repair

Key fobs are keyless entry remote devices that allow you to unlock your car—and in some cases—start your engine without using an actual key or Seattle emergency locksmith services. Safe and convenient, fobs can sometimes need repair or replacement. Like other forms of High-Security Automotive technology, the fob needs to be programmed to match the car.
At Pi Security Solutions, we can meet you at your vehicle, any time, 24/7, and repair or replace your key fob.

Our locksmiths are fully trained and experienced with:

Pi security solutions - Key Fob Programming in Seattle
Replacement is not always necessary. Fobs employ a small battery, roughly the size of the ones used in hearing aids and the first thing our locksmith will do is check to see if battery replacement alone will solve the problem. If it won’t, there are sometimes other small, easily performed repairs that we can perform on-site, at your vehicle’s location. Only after we have ruled out battery replacement and minor repairs will we recommend replacement of your vehicle’s key fob.

Transponder Keys

Many, if not most, cars manufactured since 2000, use transponder keys as a means of heightened security. Transponder keys, like most high security keys, need to be programmed in sync with the car to be effective.
Pi Security Solutions offers 24/7 mobile service to repair and replace your transponder key.

Our trained, friendly locksmiths can make:

Fast and Prompt Locksmith Services

Wherever you are in the Seattle area, Pi Security Solutions can respond to your automotive locksmith needs. No one understands emergency better than we do. Our professional locksmith can arrive within minutes, fully equipped with cutting edge locksmith tools. Get back on the road fast with Pi Security Solutions.

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