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DoorKing System Guard Seattle

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Pi Security Solutions is a locally owned company. And, therefore, we know the local residential and business requirements when it comes to security, locks, and AI systems and solutions. And one of our products that are popular is the Doorking system guard. This product has been uniquely designed after proper research and analysis. It is highly efficient in protecting your communication system outside your residential or commercial building. Being the manufacturer of this system we have put a lot of effort to design it based on the exact requirements of our clients. We use one of the most modern technologies when it comes to the door management system. We understand that each door is not for entry to all. Some doors are the main entrance and some doors should have limited access. And therefore, with our AI and Masterkey system, you can easily manage everything. You don’t have to be technically knowledgeable to manage our door system. It is simple yet highly secured.

Access Control System

Our access control systems have been installed in more than a hundred places. As a manufacturer of security systems for more than a decade, we understand the basic requirements of operators. Our access controls are safest but an operator can easily handle them without any technical knowledge. With our innovative updates and designs, we have been able to give consistent high-quality services. We offer the best price in the market. We understand that for a new business any additional cost is a burden. Therefore, we offer a competitive price to new companies and residences.

A security guard is not the cost-effective solution for a comprehensive security system. Even if you just install a world-class security camera system it will not be sufficient. As security camera installation comes under a deterrence plan and not the actual safety. A security guard can be replaced with a Doorking system guard for thorough professional security. You may have different types of doors but only one solution can handle it all. It is one of the most reputable access control that can give you complete safety with reliability. It comes from one of the best access control companies in the world that offers one of the lowest prices in this range.

Where can you install these guards?

Pi security solutions - DoorKing System Guard

Whether it be an industrial facility, parking facility, or a residential facility we have the experience of all. You can rely on our systems to stop unauthorized access to your facilities. As a manufacturer of security systems for more than a decade, we understand the exact requirement of our clients.


We know what it means when it comes to the security of your home. You want to protect your home and facilities then we are here to help. Whether it is the installation or repair of your security systems we do it all. We have been serving Seattle as locksmith and security advisors for many years and thus gained a good reputation in the area. We give competitive price quotes and we are considered one of the best security companies in Seattle.

We have worked for industrial facilities, residential properties, and businesses in our more than a decade of experience.  You want to have complete access control to your residence. But, when it comes to multi-residential property Doorking systems have been a pioneer. And to protect this we have designed the Doorking System Guard. This protects the system from elements and unwanted access.

Where do we serve?

You can contact us anytime for cost estimates for various requirements. We will also be glad to share our experience with you in the form of consultation. We as a locksmith also do repair services of the already installed access systems. Our repair services are low cost and highly efficient. You can also contact us for additional services along with installation and we will be glad to assist you. Each installation requires a different level of security setup. And therefore, we will be glad to visit your residential or office area for an inspection.

We serve Downtown Seattle, Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, Fremont, Ballard, Industrial District, North Beacon Hill, Mt Baker, Columbia City, Beacon Hill, Wallingford, etc’.

The surrounding towns that we serve include Bellevue, Bothell, Burien, Covington, Des Moines, Federal Way, Kenmore, Kent, Kirkland, Lake Forest Park, Medina, Mercer Island, Redmond, Renton, SeaTac, Shoreline, and Tukwila. Apart from this we presently do not serve any other city.

We have experience in both – residential and commercial security systems. Our commercial security systems are highly secured and customized to the requirement of our clients. Therefore, be assured you will get the best when it comes to safety and performance. The type of access you want or the level of security you want can be easily programmed.  Once you decide the type of access to each individual in your company we will move ahead with the installation.

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