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24/7 mobile service to replace lost and broken car keys.
Our trained and knowledgeable locksmiths will save you the time, expense, and potential damage of having your car or truck towed. We are usually faster and cheaper than the dealership, getting you back on the road sooner and with less expense.
We can make high security keys, including the transponder keys and V.A.T.S keys, employed in most vehicles built since 2000.

Our Seattle locksmiths are fast to respond when you need car keys made, but patient and thorough in their work.

V.A.T.S Key Replacement Service

V.A.T.S. (Vehicle Anti-Theft System) keys were developed by General Motors in the late 1980s and used first on the Chevrolet Corvette which, before the development of the V.A.T.S. key, was the number one target of car thieves nationwide.
V.A.T.S keys employ a resistor, embedded in the key, that senses the amount of current drop in the car’s ignition. The ignition will only respond correctly to a key whose resistor has the correct amount of current drop. A different level of current drop (higher or lower) causes the resistor to disable the car’s engine.
Not every locksmith is qualified or knowledgeable when it comes to making or replacing V.A.T.S. keys and a key made wrong can cause difficult and expensive damage to a car’s ignition.

At Pi Security Solutions, our locksmiths are fully trained and fully capable of making V.A.T.S. keys that will work correctly and safely in your vehicle. We are generally less expensive than the dealer and, importantly, we are fully mobile and available 24/7.

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