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Pi Security Solutions company provides the panic bar exit devices Seattle WA trusts. Panic hardware like panic bars and other emergency exit devices were first manufactured and implemented in the early 20th century, in response to the deaths suffered by trapped employees and customers in high-profile fires. An exit panic bar provides easy, safe, and effective escape from heavily occupied buildings during times of stress and pressure.

Rules, regulations, and building codes vary from city to city and sometimes between building types and occupancy expectations. However, most commercial buildings are required to have some type of panic bar, crash bar, or exit device on the fire door to assure the safety of employees and customers. Design and materials for commercial locks also vary but most are simple, tough, and durable, and give years of trouble-free service.

Pi security solutions - Panic bAr & Exit Devices in Seattle

At Pi Security Solutions commercial locksmith, we install, repair, and replace fire exit hardware including panic bars and exit panic bar locks, using only the top brands and manufacturers. Our Seattle locksmith company is experienced and thorough. Our emergency locksmith can advise you on what type of door lock or device best suits your facility and we can install, repair, and maintain the device after installation. Contact us for panic bar locksmith service in Seattle and the surrounding area.

Pi security solutions - Panic bAr Seattle
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