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Why Are Commercial Locksmiths Required for Workplace Safety?

In this post, an expert from our professional Seattle locksmith company will explain why commercial locksmiths are necessary for a safe and secure workplace.

Gone are the days when locking the door behind you was enough to keep your office safe. As the business grows and complexity, safety and security concerns begin to take priority. Often, an entrepreneur has too many things to manage.

From boosting sales to managing stakeholders, a business person has little time to think of safety regulations and requirements. However, ignoring safety and security can be a costly mistake for a commercial establishment. A company has a moral responsibility to take care of its employees’ safety and well-being. As a business owner, you would violate regulatory safety requirements if you do not have a planned safety protocol.

4 Reasons Commercial Locksmiths are Essential for Workplace Security

Every business establishment needs a robust security system. The security level required for a school or a hospital would be different from the one needed for a federal government establishment. The location of the business establishment and its operations also determines the security needs. A professional commercial locksmith can provide strategic inputs and assist in workplace safety.

Risk assessment and protection

Is your business location a high-risk area for thefts and robbery? Do you keep your safety deposit box on the office premises? Do customers walk into your property? Is there a high inflow and outflow of people from your premises daily? Commercial locksmith service providers will conduct a thorough risk assessment to understand the type and level of security your business needs. If your business falls under low risk for possible urgent scenarios, then hi-tech security systems would be a waste of resources.

Simultaneously, some security systems may become too complicated for your employees to use and understand. For example, using deadbolts instead of spring-loaded latches for the interior doors can be tiresome. Employees may end up not locking the doors. Commercial locksmiths can also help install automatic door closers. Also, commercial establishments like industries and manufacturing units are prone to fire and other hazards. Installing panic bars is essential, especially in an industrial outlet. Panic bars do not need a key or cylinders to open. Employees can push the panic bars to unlock doors from inside if the situation is urgent.

Access control and workplace safety

Unlike residential property, commercial establishments need to consider many variables before setting up a security system. Businesses need to consider employee turnover, especially if the ex-employees have access to the keys and passcodes. When an employee leaves, there is a risk of the ex-employee retaining duplicate office keys. What if a disgruntled ex-employee uses unauthorized access to damage the business and hurt people?

By engaging with professional locksmiths, companies cut the risk of duplication of keys. Reputed emergency and commercial locksmith providers use patented limited access keys that one cannot duplicate. Implementing access control is another aspect of ensuring workplace safety. Using passcodes, PINs, and access cards, one can restrict access to specific sections. Access control can also include variables like the time and day an individual employee will enter the premises.

Also, with access control, you can create ’employee-only’ sections within a commercial building. Unauthorized entries and trespassing can increase the risk of theft, burglary, and destruction of property. Access control and key-trail audit an essential steps in securing the business premises.

Lockouts, emergency locksmiths, and master keys

Industrial establishments have to be prepared for emergencies caused due to hazardous machinery and materials. Unpreparedness for such scenarios can cause damage to the business as well as the neighboring areas. An example of how locksmith professionals can help mitigate emergencies is by installing panic bars. Also, emergency locksmiths are adept at handling lockout situations.

Despite best efforts and air-tight security systems, emergencies and accidents occur. Due to a malfunction or lost keys, your employees may get locked out of the office premises. Dead batteries or debris in the keys could be some of the reasons why the entrances won’t open. It could lead to a scenario wherein employees and customers get stuck inside the building.

Such emergencies create panic and waste resources. Luckily, a commercial locksmith can help resolve this issue. They offer emergency locksmith services such as on-site rekeying and lock picking with little hardware replacement. The master key system is another net for workplace safety. Even if you lose your sub-pass keys, the master key can ensure that the establishment runs smoothly. 

CCTVs as an extra layer of safety against theft and burglary

Alarms and tamper-free CCTV cameras are the latest addition to hi-tech security devices. Gone are the days when CCTV cameras would show smudgy or pixelated pictures. The cameras today offer clear images and are built to make it challenging to vandalize the device.

Alarm systems connected to receiver centers secure the perimeter of the establishment. The receiver stations can have a mechanism that alerts the emergency services in case of an intruder. Commercial and emergency locksmith professionals help with installing, repairing, and replacing CCTV and alarm systems. You might also consider installing an intercom system for your establishment.

A professional commercial locksmith such as those working at Pi Security Solutions will ensure that your business is ready to face any security-related emergency. Call us at 206-735-3140 for business security in Seattle. Your business will always be open with a commercial locksmith because the doors can be securely shut!

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Pi Security Solutions Owner/Operator Nim Gil is a product of a rigorous apprenticeship and has locksmithing experience from 2012. He possesses the knowledge and technical expertise to work on difficult, unique, and antique locks as well as all modern safe, vault, and lock technologies. He has successfully completed numerous entry control projects in the given time frame. Nim is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. He understands the Safe and Vault Technicians Association (SAVTA) and the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) and works by the standards of these two leading organizations. Nim is also well-versed in state safety codes and other Seattle locksmith requirements.

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Owner/operator Nim Gil, a product of a rigorous apprenticeship, has over 13 years’ locksmithing experience and has the knowledge and technical expertise to work on difficult, unique, or antique locks as well as all modern safe, vault, and lock technologies. We have worked on numerous entry control projects in the given time frame.

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We are members of the Safe and Vault Technicians Association (SAVTA) and the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA). We work by the standards of these two leading organizations and are well-versed in state safety codes and other requirements.

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