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Why you should never try to extract a broken key yourself- call the professionals

Pi Security Solutions - Broken Key Extraction

All of us have bravado. We want to show the world what we can do on our own. That is, we attempt to do things in a DIY style.

There are many things we can do now. Yet, some things are best left to experts. Like extracting a broken key out of a lock. This task seems simple enough but is best left to a professional locksmith.

Some of us take offense at this suggestion thinking that this means we are incompetent. Not so. There are more dangers in key extraction using your rugged tools than you might think of. For instance, the broken piece can stay within the lock cylinder. The lock might get jammed. The cylinder lock suffers irreparable damage. All this would only add to your costs and expenses.

Extracting a broken key from a lock has definite dangers and severe repercussions that you must know of.

Reasons why you must never try to extract a broken key yourself

Be it a house lock or a car’s lock cylinder, a broken key is a pain. First of all, it prevents the lock from opening. Secondly, it might damage the lock for good.

You do not have the proper extraction tools

You are not a locksmith with professional experience. So, you do not have professional key removal tools. All you might think of using are rustic tools that you might find around your house. This might be a key blade, needle nose pliers, paper clips, jigsaw blades, etc. Even metal hair clips, fishing hooks, and a mini hacksaw blade add to the list.

All these tools are not professional tools. They are not efficient to extract the key. These tools cannot extract the key in one go. Repeated attempts are required to get the job done.

When you use these rugged tools, you have to be doubly careful. You have to use the right amount of force while extracting the key. Too much force might break the tool, the key, or the lock. Too little force will not remove the key. So, you have to use the right level of force and this comes only with professional experience. Only a licensed locksmith has this kind of experience as he has the training.

An expert locksmith has the right key extractor tools needed for the job. These professional tools help the locksmith extract the key in a deft manner.

You don’t have the experience

Having tools to remove the key is not enough. You need to have the knack to remove it. This comes with professional training and years of experience which you do not have.

A professional locksmith has the training to offer knowledgeable service. This training helps him in pulling the key out in the shortest time possible. His experience ensures that he does not damage while doing so.

You might bury the key too deep

Before extracting the key, you must know where it is stuck in the keyhole. Is it stuck in the shaft? Or is it in the ignition cylinder in the car? Without knowing where the key is stuck, you cannot remove it easily. Only a home or automotive locksmith knows the parts of a lock cylinder well.

While pulling the key out of the lock, you might be actually pushing it deeper. This makes it even more difficult for a locksmith to remove the key.

You are causing permanent damage

Trying to extract the key might destroy the steering lock in the car. Or jam the entire ignition. Repairing this would cost you a packet.

Avoid all this by calling a reliable lock technician to remove the key.

It could be a battery issue

Not being able to remove the key could be due to a battery problem. Your lead-acid battery might be dead causing the key to get stuck. Without knowing this, you are probably trying to pull the key out, breaking it in the process.

Only an experienced locksmith analyzes the actual causes for the breaking of the key. Inexperienced laymen will never be able to decipher the cause and will just end up breaking the key.

You do not know the pre-extraction steps

Keys are generally made of soft metal. They tend to break due to repeated use or wear and tear. One must follow certain preparatory steps before the key extraction.

First of all, we must lubricate the ignition keyway to prevent the lock from jamming. Use a spray lubricant like WD-40 for this purpose. If we do not do this, the key snaps when you turn it.

Secondly, if the key is stuck while the steering is locked., you might be using the wrong key. So, the next step is to turn the steering slowly to the right and left while pressing the key.

As a layperson, you might not follow these steps making the matter worse.

Keys breaking in locks are commonplace issues. Do not extract the key by yourself. Always use professional extraction services like Pi Security Solutions to extract the key without any lock damage.

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