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Understanding the Benefits of Panic Bar/ Exit Devices in Seattle Businesses

As a business owner in Seattle, you understand the importance of safety and security. Ensuring your employees and customers feel secure is essential to keeping your doors open and running a successful business. One effective way to maintain premises security is by investing in the panic bar/exit devices for all necessary exit doors in your facility. Panic bar/exit devices are an essential component of any business in Seattle.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a large-scale business owner, it’s important to understand the importance and benefits of panic bar/exit devices to make sure your building is up-to-date with safety regulations and compliant with local building codes. This blog post will provide insight into why adding these exit devices could be a wise choice for your business in Seattle.

Benefits of Panic Bar/ Exit Devices – Safety, Security, and Compliance

The most important benefit of panic bar/exit devices is safety. In the event of a fire or emergency, these devices allow people to quickly and safely evacuate a building without having to worry about keys or locks. This helps reduce the risk of injury during an evacuation by allowing people to escape quickly and efficiently using emergency exits. Additionally, panic bars can also help increase security by allowing people inside the building while keeping unwanted visitors out. Finally, installing panic bars in businesses helps make sure that those businesses are compliant with local building codes and regulations, thus avoiding costly fines for non-compliance.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Panic Bar/ Exit Devices

When it comes to installing panic bars in Seattle businesses, there are several cost-effective solutions available. One option is exploring low-cost alternatives such as using existing infrastructure instead of buying new materials. Additionally, checking local building regulations and requirements can help ensure that the right type of device is installed appropriately so that it meets all necessary safety standards. Finally, utilizing existing infrastructure such as door frames can help reduce costs associated with installation since they won’t need to be replaced or upgraded when installing the device.

How to Choose the Right Panic Bar/ Exit Device

Several factors need to be taken into consideration while choosing the right panic bar/ exit device for office buildings.

Types of Exit Devices

Different types of exit devices include push bars, crash bars, single-door egress systems (SDEs), double-door egress systems (DDEs), lever handle sets (LHs), heavy-duty levers (HDLs), keyed mortise locks (KMLs) and more.


The selection process should take into account both budget constraints as well as what type will work best for your particular situation based on local building regulations & requirements; if unsure, always consult a professional locksmith for advice on which type would be most appropriate for your individual needs.

Local Building Regulations and Requirements

Local building regulations and requirements must be met when installing panic devices for commercial doors. This includes fire safety codes, installation specifications, testing standards, and compliance with relevant national, state, or local building codes.

Reinforcing Safety with Panic Bar/ Exit Devices: A Wise Move for Seattle Businesses

Overall, adding panic bar/exit devices for commercial buildings in Seattle can significantly benefit both the operators and the customers. In the event of a life-threatening situation, these easily identifiable devices can help save many lives. Moreover, with these upgrades, business owners can add an extra layer of security that actively promotes safety out of prevention rather than reaction. Additionally, these reinforcements will give customers comfort throughout their experience and on their way out.

By instituting these measures, business owners can show how greatly they value their customers’ safety. All things considered, it would be a wise move for Seattle businesses to upgrade with panic bar/exit devices for added peace of mind for themselves and their patrons. If you own a local business and want to install panic bars or need any other commercial locksmith services in the Greater Seattle area, don’t hesitate to call Pi Security at +1 (206) 735-3140 today! We are very happy to serve you with the best solutions for locksmith needs!

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