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Secure your home with schlage’s latest smart apple home locks

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Did you know that you can store your digital home keys on your Apple Watch or Phone? Well, you can now if you have Schlage’s Smart Apple Home Lock. This novel smart lock allows you to go not only keyless but provides remote access through your Apple phone. 

Let us explore the features of the latest Schlage Lock with Apple Home Key Support. 

Schlage’s Encode Plus Deadbolt Smart Lock

Encode Plus is Schlage’s latest release in 2022. This WiFi deadbolt is the first-ever smart lock with Apple Home Key support. 

The Apple Home Key was introduced with iOS15.It allows you to store digital keys for your home in your smart wallet. Operating these keys is by tapping the phone on the Schlage Smart Lock. This is quite similar to the way you use Apple Pay, Apple Transit, or Express Transit.

To operate this Smart Deadbolt Lock, all you have to do is first register your Schlage Key in your Apple Wallet. After doing this, just tap the iPhone or Smart Watch on the Encode Plus lock to open or close your home.

You can also operate the Encode Plus using a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa. The Apple HomeKit, the Google Assistant, or the Schlage App are the other options that can help you do this too.

Encode Plus Features

  • The Encode Plus is the first Home Key compatible smart lock in North America.
  • The WiFi Encode operates via 4 modes- WiFi, BlueTooth, NFC, and Thread.
  • NFC was used earlier only on commercial locks. For the first time, NFC is used in residential locks through Encode Plus.
  • The Encode Plus can register up to 100 guests. It allows temporary access for visitors.
  • It tracks the activity of those using this keyless lock. It sends real-time notifications of whoever comes and goes. 
  • The Encode Plus also alerts you when the door is left open or ajar.
  • The Schlage Encode Plus is available in a variety of color variants to suit your door design. Satin Nickel, Matte Black, Aged Bronze, etc. are some of the options.

Encode Plus Deadbolt vs. Encode WiFi Smart Lock

The Encode WiFi Smart Lock is the precursor of the Encode Plus Deadbolt. Schlage added an NFC function to the WiFi Smart Lock for the Home Key function. It also added a ThreadRadio to install the HomeKit over the Thread. 

The new Encode lock is available in 2 options- the traditional Camelot design or the modern Century option. 

The main difference between the new Encode WiFi lock and its earlier model is the addition of 2 NFC targets on the glass touchscreen.

The Encode Plus WiFi Deadbolt Smart Lock is $50 costlier than the Smart Lock.

Best Advantage and Key Feature of Encode Plus

Being hands-free is the best feature of Encode Plus by using the Apple Smart Watch. Now, you no longer have to juggle your keys when you try to open the door physically. This happens when you are back home after a long day at work with all your laptop and bags. Or back from shopping with your hands full of shopping bags. Then, your hunt for the keys and struggle to open the door physically. Not anymore with Encode Plus. You can even operate the door remotely through voice commands using a smart voice assistant like Siri, Alexa, or Google.

The Home Key operates via 2 modes- Express mode and Face ID or Passcode mode. The Express mode helps you operate the door without unlocking your phone. The normal mode is using authentication via Face ID or Passcode mode.

The Power Reserve mode helps you to unlock the door when your phone’s battery is dying. This works for 5 hours even after the red icon for Power Reserve appears on the phone. This feature is available in all models from iPhone XR onwards.

The Schlage Encode is an ideal product for home security as it integrates with all smart home devices like Amazon Alexa, Apple TV, Apple Watch, etc. You can operate the Schlage Home App simultaneously along with the Home Kit. Being a Smart WiFi Lock, it does not need any separate hub for remote access.

The Wi-Fi Smart lock can be set up entirely using the Home Kit alone. To do this, you need a separate Apple Hub like Home Pod Mini or AppleTV for remote access.

The Schlage Home App has certain unique features like a built-in alarm, scheduling access through access codes, etc. 

The Schlage Encode Plus is one of the favorite devices for smart locking. Its built-in WiFi, Smart Features, Hands-free, Keyless operation, etc. make it one of the current picks in this league. Its access alerts, activity log, and access code history make it the best-rated product offering secure access for both permanent installation in owned homes as well as rental properties.

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