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8 Solutions Commercial Locksmiths Provide Companies

Business establishments are structurally complex and have more variations than residential property. Also, commercial establishments have higher in-coming and out-going traffic. Securing a business property can be a dilemma for the owner. On the one hand, complex locks can confuse employees and slow down operations. On the other hand, outdated security systems can hamper business security, be a threat to expensive machinery and tools. Inefficient security risks the very life of the employees.

What are the common commercial locksmith services?

A professional locksmith company like Pi Security Solutions understands the business operations and business security requirements. They are well versed in the wide range of security solutions viable for a commercial setup. A shop or a warehouse may require a different level of security than a factory outlet. Hospitals and restaurants may need less complex security systems than a federal government establishment. Companies that house sensitive documents and data may need to implement biometrics, PIN codes, and access control mechanisms. Thus, locksmith professionals do much more than picking your locks. They plan business security solutions by customizing them. Below are some of the solutions locksmith professionals provide to companies.

1. Installing panic bars

In emergencies, panic bars allow employees to open doors from inside without a key. Commercial establishments are prone to fires and other hazards. Business owners have a moral and legal responsibility to safeguard their employees. Apart from being a regulatory requirement for business security, panic bars and exit devices can save a company from hefty accident insurance payouts. One of the standard services offered by locksmith professionals is installing, repairing, and replacing panic bars.

2. Upgrading from latches to deadbolts

Deadbolts require a person to lock and unlock manually. Deadbolts can also be used with automated motors. The advantages of a deadbolt over spring-loaded latches are that deadbolts are heavier and more robust. They also run more in-depth into the door. Residential owners often use a combination of latches and deadbolts. Since latches close automatically, they are less time-consuming. However, commercial establishments have designated personnel to manage safety and security. Thus, operating deadbolts becomes easier. To comply with safety regulations, commercial establishments need to consider many factors while deciding on the type of locks. A commercial locksmith can help companies:

  • Choose between keypad locks, bolts and latches, mortise locks, cylindrical locks, and more
  • Upgrade the business security system to make it keyless and remote-controlled, wherever required
  • Combine deadbolts and latches to increase security for individual sections or departments

3. Installing door closers

At work, people are busy and preoccupied. They need to move across departments and floors. When in a hurry, employees may forget to close the department or cabin doors behind them. Locksmith professionals can install door closers. Door closers ensure that the door closes and latches automatically.

4. Analyzing the type of locks required for interior and exterior doors

Mortise locks are most suited for interior doors. Most interior doors are self-closing and have an angled or round-shaped spring latch. Exterior doors need to be more secure. While interior doors are lighter and hollow, exterior doors are heavy. Exterior doors are the main entry points for outsiders. So, exterior doors are fitted with cylindrical locks, which provide higher security.

5. Rekeying

Has a disgruntled ex-employee threatened to take revenge? Does that employee have access to some of the locks on the premises? Have you misplaced some of the keys to specific sections of the office building? Are you worried about a burglary that happened in the neighboring area? Or it could be that rekeying would give you some peace of mind. In each of these situations, commercial rekeying is the best option for business security. But only a professional locksmith will be able to tell you whether you need to replace your existing hardware or add on to it for rekeying.

6. Master keys

A vital service provided by commercial locksmiths is a master key system. With a master key, a business owner can access every door or block in the building. With a single key to open every door, one does not need to carry many individual keys. Professional locksmiths working in commercial establishments can provide patented limited access master keys and sub passkeys for individual sections.

7. File cabinets, desk locks, and safety deposits

Business establishments have more than doors and windows. Offices are filled with storage places for each employee. Office cabinets are filled with sensitive business documents and company records. Securing file cabinets, desks, and safety deposits are essential for overall business security. Professional locksmiths can advise the type of locks and the repairs required to secure every structure and storage space in your office. 

8. Emergency lockouts

Lockouts can be extremely dreaded situations in residential and commercial properties. When lockouts happen in commercial facilities, it leads to the loss of business hours. Lockouts can have a financial bearing on the business. You cannot ask your employees to go back home because the lock won’t open. In such a situation, you need to contact professional locksmiths to provide emergency assistance.

Commercial Locksmiths in Seattle

Pi Security Solutions offer commercial locksmith services in Seattle. Contact us if your business needs protection and is located in Seattle and its neighborhoods like Ballard, Broadmoor, or Downtown.

Our company provides the additional security a business property needs. We also provide emergency assistance and regular maintenance services that fit your budget. Your business is safe and secure with our trusted professional commercial locksmith.

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