Key Duplication – How It Works and When You Need It

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At Pi Security Solutions, our experienced locksmiths offer key duplication services for those moments when your key becomes damaged or goes missing. Using specialized equipment, we can create a precise copy of an existing key. This can come in handy not only for individuals but also for businesses that need to provide employees with multiple […]

How to Choose the Right Locksmith for Key Duplication

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When you need a key duplication service, it’s important to choose a professional locksmith who can ensure the job is done accurately and securely. At a reputable locksmith service, keys will be duplicated using specialized equipment to ensure precision and accuracy. We will also provide the proper measures to protect your privacy and security, such […]

The Benefits of Key Duplication

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When it comes to key duplication, it’s important to trust a professional locksmith for the job. A service provider like Pi Security offers reliable key duplication services, accurate key-cutting services, and duplicating keys using state-of-the-art equipment. Having a spare set of keys can come in handy in a variety of situations, whether you’ve locked yourself […]

Are Your Locks Secure Enough? 3 Tips from a Professional Locksmith

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Most of us think our homes are safe just by installing a good quality lock. Only when a theft or break-in occurs do we realize how weak our locking mechanism is. Hopefully, by then, it should not be too late! To prevent such mishaps, it is always wise to question ourselves if our locks are […]

Best practices for commercial lock rekeying

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Business owners always keep an eye on their commercial businesses and premises. To uphold security, they engage a professional locksmith for commercial lock installation. They install high-security locks with master key systems. Besides all this, they also opt for commercial rekeying on a regular basis. Commercial lock rekeying is a must to safeguard commercial properties. […]

Secure your home with schlage’s latest smart apple home locks

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Did you know that you can store your digital home keys on your Apple Watch or Phone? Well, you can now if you have Schlage’s Smart Apple Home Lock. This novel smart lock allows you to go not only keyless but provides remote access through your Apple phone.  Let us explore the features of the […]

What type of commercial lock is recommended to secure an office door?

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Most of us think that locks used in commercial buildings are called commercial locks. What we fail to realize is that these commercial door locks have to match certain requirements of the Builders Home Manufacturers Association. This Association grades the manufacturers for business door locks and lays down some specifications for their use on commercial […]

How to Avoid the Locksmith Scammers?

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Getting locked out of a vehicle or home can virtually give you a panic attack. In your frantic effort to open the door, you try all sorts of things including calling the nearest locksmith or local handyman. Is this a wise idea? What if he scams you? Locksmith scams are very prevalent in the United […]

what are the valuable tips on commercial lock maintenance?

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Business owners look for high-security lock systems for their commercial & business security. Commercial buildings, apartment complexes, malls, retail stores, hospitals, schools, etc need the best building locks for their security. Offices need access control and keyless entry systems to restrict and grant access to their premises. Choosing, purchasing, and installing high-quality security locks is […]