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Can Locksmiths Make A Key Without The Original?

Can a locksmith make you a key even if the original is missing? Of course, we can and we do it all the time. As professional locksmiths, it is our foremost duty to help you in situations like this. Only trained locksmiths like us can duplicate keys without the original. So, next time you lose your original home, office, or vehicle key, do not panic. Call professional locksmiths for making your new key without the original. We can produce your new master key in minutes.

Is it true that a professional locksmith can make a new key without the original?

Yes. Only a professional locksmith can create a new key even if you have lost the original. And this is possible due to the following reasons

1.    Training

Professional locksmiths have undergone special training needed to make a new key even without the original. Your local handyman will not be trained to do this job. He might even damage your locking system in the process. But a professional locksmith knows how to make a new key without damaging the lock, even if the original is missing.

2.    Expertise

Professional locksmiths have the technical expertise needed to make a new key without the original. They have developed this skill with years of hands-on experience. Your local locksmith may not have this kind of experience or expertise.

3.    License

Making a new key without the original is sometimes considered illegal. But not for professional locksmiths.

Professional locksmiths have a license from ALOA – Security Professionals Association. This license permits the government to handle such special tasks.

4.    Trust

It is a big risk to make a new key without the original. There are high chances of this new key being duplicated in secret and used for theft. That is why you cannot trust any random person for this job. But on the other hand, Professional locksmiths are trustworthy. Since they have professional accreditation, their license will be revoked if they do any malpractice. So there is very little risk with them. Professional locksmiths can be blindly trusted for making keys without the original.

How does a professional locksmith make a new key without the original?

A professional locksmith has some special techniques to make a new key without the original. Here are some listed below.

1.    Lock impression

For this, the professional locksmith uses a key blank, a file, and some cutting instruments. First, he inserts the key blank into the lock and turns the cylinder pins. This process called binding allows the locksmith to know the portions of the key which need filing. These portions are filed and cut to make the new key.

The locksmith does this binding process several times to make the lock impressions on the key blank. He has to insert and remove the key blank several times with precision. This process has to be done with extreme care to get the cuts perfectly. It needs skill and training to get it right and that is why we need a professional locksmith.

2.    Dismantling the lock

The professional locksmith videos this if the lock is too complex and he is not able to take its impressions. Then he dismantles the lock and redoes the pins of its cylinders. This process requires skill and experience as the slightest mistake can cause misalignment and damage the lock. If done right, the key blank can now be cut to the new lock’s pin specifications.

3.    Cutting by code

Nowadays, many lock manufacturers stamp a code on the lock and key. These codes are available in the lock’s user manual too. Using this code, the professional locksmith can identify the matching key’s cuts. He then uses a code cutter and a key blank to cut the new key. This process needs the skill and acumen of a professional locksmith.

Get a Key Made Without the Original

Original key missing for your vehicle, home, or office? No worries. Call a professional locksmith company like Pi Security Solutions and get a new key made even without the original. No stress, no risks. Get a new key within minutes. Call +1 (206) 735-3140 for our locksmith services.

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