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What Does a Commercial Locksmith Specialize In?

Pisecurity Solutions - Commercial Locksmith Specialize

Everyone knows that a locksmith is a lock and key expert. A residential locksmith deals with homes and an auto locksmith with automobiles like cars and bikes. 

What exactly does a commercial locksmith do? The answer is this-

A Commercial locksmith is the security solution provider for commercial properties and office buildings.”

Does this mean he deals with just installation or repair of the locks and keys to your office? Or are there any other special functions a commercial locksmith provides?

Special services of a commercial locksmith

A business locksmith is a person who can resolve the security issues of your commercial business establishment. Be it an office, storefront, mall, or warehouse, all these places have special business security needs. It is the commercial locksmith who offers a wide range of special services to cater to each of them. Let us classify these special services under some broad categories.

External threat protection

For any commercial building, the external threat is from thieves or intruders. These threats pose security hazards like burglary or break-ins. The job of the commercial locksmith is to safeguard these commercial premises from such safety risks.

The locksmith does this by providing the following commercial locksmith services.

Commercial locksmith service for offices

Access control system installation

Offices need to be secured against theft and break-ins using a formidable security system. The commercial locksmith offers professional advice and suggests the use of both mechanical and electronic locks for your office. For the main entry doors to your office, an advanced access control system is a must as the entry and exit of all the employees must be monitored. The business locksmith can handle the installation and repair of such electronic systems.

All exit doors of the office need alarmed exit devices and they too are installed and maintained by the office locksmith with efficiency

Lock installation, repair, replacement, and rekeying

Inside the office, several doors enter into many rooms and each needs a lock. It is cumbersome for the business owner to handle so many locks and keys. For security, the business locksmith installs a master key system that helps to handle this situation with ease.

Offices also have file cabinets, commercial safes, and desks that need locking. The office locksmith installs, repairs, and replaces desk locks and file cabinet locks. He reprograms combination safes if their code is hacked. 

Commercial locksmith service for shops, storefronts, and warehouses

Shops and storefronts have window displays and store displays. For these electronic security is not enough. For additional security, the commercial locksmith uses mortise locks with deadbolt locks, panic bars, and special storefront locks.

Warehouses can use fence locks, magnetic locks, crash bars, and access control locks for extra security.

Apart from these, 24-hour surveillance is a must with security alarms and closed-circuit cameras. 

The business locksmith handles the installation and repair of all the above-mentioned devices to strengthen shop or warehouse security.

Besides this, if the keys of the storage units are missing, you can call this 24-hour mobile locksmith for an emergency lockout service

Internal threats

In commercial spaces, the internal threat is from former employees or malicious staff. The only way to prevent is this is to have 24×7 monitoring and access control. Your professional locksmith can suggest various security measures like the use of electronic strikes, card access systems, biometric access systems, security cameras, etc. 

Regular and Preventative Maintenance

When it comes to an office building, retail store, or warehouse, locks suffer damage due to wear and tear. The commercial locksmith company does lock repair in the quickest time possible to avoid any office or store downtime. All this is part of the regular maintenance the commercial locksmith specialists provide.

For preventative maintenance, the office lock expert undertakes a safety inspection and makes a list of all the locks that need changing. Lock replacement is part of this preventative maintenance.

Emergency services

It is common for offices or store employees to get locked out due to missing keys or lock damage. During such emergencies, just call the 24-hour mobile locksmith services. They help out in safe lockouts as well.

As you can see, the role of a commercial locksmith is not just confined to repairing locks and keys. It is the work of a specialist in charge of the complete security of your commercial space. Select the right company that specializes in all the above areas and then entrust the security of your store or office building to him. Get in touch with Pi Security Solutions for commercial locksmith services in Seattle.

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